Delivered to life in collaboration with UNCENSORED, an interdisciplinary event concentrated

On the intersection of activism and pornography, Videokabine recreates the “masturbation booth” experience online. Each occasion features around four performers broadcasting live from their domiciles for the pleasure of anyone keen to tune in.

A chat box by the side and a donation button for the performers (Videokabine is a non-profit event), the setup combines the intimacy and immediacy of camming with the collective experience of performance art with Geisler’s photos providing a green-screen background.

The initial Videokabine saw more than 500 audiences stay tuned from around the entire world, all watching the exact same performance in anonymity – which could, by itself, be an erotic experience. You’d be hard pressed to find a stronger combination than getting off on a live peep show with no idea who else is in the room if you consider mystery and riskiness to be powerful libidinal forces.

“It was, so far as can be done into the electronic globe, a genuine celebration of life and community, ” Karl claims.

Booking “anything between performative art and filth”, _Videokabine’_s programme is a blended case. Some shows are light-hearted, other people are deeply political or maybe more intense. Previous activities have featured performers like Misha Mayfair and Kris Canavan – who work with the greater amount of extreme part of fetish, making use of vomit, bloodletting and self-sacrifice – and came across some criticism. Continua a leggere